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Why This Planet Should Just Burn

I’m not living in a police state and I don’t care about other random Ontarians

Dear police officers and Doug Ford / other government folks:

I’d rather die from COVID or be shot by you than let you stop me at random and demand to know where I live.

I literally have no idea who you people are nor do I care that you think you can run my life or administer this jurisdiction with that much finesse. The truth is you guys fuck up all the time.

I know you think policing is a noble profession and all that shit, but I just don’t give a fuck if you think you have that much authority.

Your government is mostly just a trashy white supremacist terror state to me, with a few decent people sprinkled in.

So FUCK Jesus, and fuck you too.

In my opinion the Canadian government has already made a mess of this country several times over, over the last two-and-a-half decades I’ve lived in this country.

Given the way you treated the natives, I have no idea if you are incompetent on purpose or if you just have these awful blind spots that lead you to making consistently bad decisions.

So here’s the deal:

You’d better bring ammunition, because even if you manage to taze me to the ground, I’d rather kill myself in the holding cell than put up with even more of your horseshit.

And you can farm the food off the fertilizer from my rotting corpse with your own hands because you’re not getting a goddamn thing more from me. And I don’t care what other Ontarians think because I don’t even know who these people are any more.

If I see a cop who asks me this question, all he or she is getting from me is a middle finger and not a single word.

Update: I can’t believe I now agree with these assholes. This fucking planet.

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Psychiatrists are fucking morons and they deserve to be lined up against a wall and shot

Why are psychiatrists completely garbage human beings? Are they even human beings?

Should they all be lined up against a wall and repeatedly shot?

I tried praying to Jesus about this but as usual he didn’t say shit.

She had tasted alcohol in the past…

She had also used marijuana a half-dozen times.

During the clinical interview, she was dressed in Goth attire, including a black T-shirt with images of letters dripping blood; she had dyed black hair.


Who the fuck looks at a girl who’s clearly been abused and is depressed and concludes that she must have schizophrenia?

A useless fucking psychiatrist, that’s who!

If there’s a crowd of people who are trying to clear the bar for meeting the definition of subhuman, these guys are giving it the whole fucking college try.

How the fuck are you walking septic tanks going to diagnose people with their mental health troubles if you are yourselves hallucinating over which conditions people are suffering from?

Listen carefully: if you don’t know how to wield the sword you’ve been entrusted with to protect the mental health of the people around you, you also shouldn’t be surprised if one day you find yourself impaled on it.

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Is it antisemitic

to call Ben Shapiro a racist?

Because he is.

This is what a Jewish racist looks like.

Social Commentary

When you run a country like it’s a popularity contest, you pay a much higher price than if you run it like a real civil servant.

People hating you is not the metric by which any nation is made prosperous.

(Especially when those people are a bunch of entitled, whiny fucks.)


Happy Easter

April 5th, 2021

Happy Easter to ALL, including you crazy fascists and child-molesting billionaires and politicians, and war-hungry idiots worldwide who dive head-first into every pool of shit from one Iraq war to the next, to ISIS, to Syria, and who knows what else. Happy Easter to you useless eaters who want to destroy the whole planet.



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“The Pandemic Changed Everything”

Because you were so optimistic and a big believer in society in the time of geopolitical power grabs for hegemonic world orders of one sort or another, bloodthirsty wars that sent the young to their deaths to prop up billionaires, international terrorism, mass shootings, and the everyday shit regular people ate beating each other over the head with a million petty abuses?

And now here’s the King of Half the World on your television monitor to tell you that “the pandemic truly changed everything!” with great gusto, in 4K resolution in surround sound… with cutaways to platoons of trumpeters sounding their horns.

And now you can live out your shitty Mad Max fantasy.