Every other country is a ball but Israel is a fucking cube


Everybody’s a badass until a 200 nanometre virus royally fucks their shit up


Now that’s funny.


You have the right to free speech. Wait, no, not like that!

It is my opinion that the culling of the human race is a good idea, we were making a mess out of the planet anyway and the entire human race needs a hard reset, and that the novel coronavirus is just nature’s way of giving a nice snip to our bullshit. I don’t believe in the transdimensional Luciferian Reptilian aliens, but if they existed and wanted to kill of like 4/5ths of us, I would understand. I wish they really did exist so that they would reveal themselves to me so that I could help them in their quest because to be honest on some level I find most people insufferable and stupid, hypocritical, evil, etc.

I wish there was a happy way to create some kind of Disney ending for all of us, but there isn’t and so I’m not that bothered by any decimation of the population in service of a better tomorrow. I hope I survive it and if I don’t, I hope nobody else survives it.

And that’s me fully using my right to free speech and saying what’s really, actually on my mind.

Fuck you all.


May You All Rot In Hell

From the Islamic Republic to the American establishment, to the American people themselves, to the Israeli government: you are all fucking scum, you are all fucking liars, you are each other’s best friends, and I hope that there’s a hell for you all to rot in because that is where you all belong.

I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is a blessing from God sent to disrupt your plans and destroy your governments, and destroy you – and I hope it all comes to fruition. I hope a much more severe and deadly disease overtakes you all and puts you through the slow and gruellingly painful death you all deserve.

We all know that the Ukrainian International Airlines flight, PS752, was deliberately shot down by the Iranian government. We all know that on that flight a 1-year-old girl descended to her death with her parents.

And I know that the governments of these three countries and many of their people alike all look the other way – you all look the other way – in the face of this enormous and evil crime, one of many that means nothing to you.

So fuck all of you. Fuck you, fuck your gods, fuck your religion, and may you rot in hell.

To hell with all of you.

If it were in my power, I would take a butcher’s cleaver and hack every single one of you to pieces in front of your families to bring justice into this disgusting world that you’ve created. Whatever earthly calamity befalls you, my hopes and prayers are that there really might be an afterlife after all, where you can burn in a fire a hundred thousand times hotter than whatever hell has been imagined in the minds of men beyond the most grim fate this natural world could bring you.

May you all rot in hell

מקווה שתישרף בגיהינום

انشااللّه همه تون در جهنم بسوزید

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YouTube / Google / Alphabet Inc. “No, really, we’re not mentally retarded”

>That moment when the Nazis aren’t sure if they should back me or hate me.

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Brandon Tatum is a bootlicker.

Or maybe I should say a former officer turned bootlicker? I’m not good with details, sorry.

His entire life and livelihood are centered on basically shilling for racists.

Probably because if he tried to live an honest life in America, he’d get shot.

He’s literally got an entire page dedicated to all the logical fallacies he’s made so far.

Although it’s pretty funny how he’s grifting MAGAtards for their money.
Good work Officer.
Humour Religion

The Aryan Burden

The honest truth is that I simply wish to help the primitive white race become civilized and achieve their full glory in the true Aryan Imperium.

It is the noble and moral obligation of every reasonable person on the face of this planet, to teach these tragically uncultured, and backwards people what it means to be fully human in the positive sense of the word.
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Why the White Genocide may be morally justifiable

I’m not trying to be hyperbolic, all I’m saying is we really just might have to kill ’em all.

I’m from Buenos Aires, and I say kill ’em all!
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People of European descent can be really shitty

I remember in middle school one of my closest friends would throw out the n-word casually; he’d use it as a jocular insult against me when I did something that wasn’t perfect or made a mistake somewhere.

At that time I was too young and too stupid to realize how awful it really was, I just joked around with him.

We’d throw around words like gay, faggot, homo, the n-word, on and on without care – I could say “well, that was the 90’s for ya” or the early 2000’s; it was none of those things.

It was just white people being the shitty, useless scumbag racists they really are.

And, yeah, he was a Christian. Not really a big surprise. But I’m sure we can split hairs about whether or not he was a “real” Christian.

The really bizarre part about it all was that of all of my friends he was the one who was into rap music and everything to do with black culture the most..

And you know I really do think it’s just such a shame, that so many people of European descent can be gifted with what would be an otherwise beautiful phenotype and then use it to be such abject cunts.

It’s weird how people who could look so nice on the outside would be so gross on the inside. But then again, I guess when you’re dipped past your toes in the dye you absorb a lot of garbage attitudes without any real awareness.

Such a shame.