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Should We Kill Every Last American?

(Asking for a friend)
Political Stuff

Gun Control

The only gun control I believe in is if everybody else had none and I had them all.

That would be control.

If you don’t trust me with that, imagine how I feel about you?

2nd-Rate Wannabes

Why do people even like Jordan Peterson?

I mean he’s clearly a moron.

Language, Herr Professor!

But also, at least equally as important, why is it that the vast majority of the people who don’t like him are white people with a minimum of seven piercings on their face and dreadlocks in their hair, or who dress (or smell like) hippies, or his most vocal critics who actually have valid points come out as trans typically some six or so months after you start following them?

Why can’t we just have a throng of normal people say that Jordan Peterson is, often, just full of shit? Is it really so fucking hard?

Christ on a bagel.


Nick Fuentes observed watching tranny porn

Gentlemen only one question remains now: is his taste in tranny porn even any good


Good Behaviour Zones

George only wanted to see good, proper, becoming behaviour and absolutely nothing else.



In this brave coming age of automation the jokes will simply write themselves.

I will kill whoever the fuck crosses me.

Try me.

If any of you motherfuckers come after me for posting things on my own website that I pay for with my own money, I will absolutely fucking kill you.

I don’t give a fuck if you’re the Queen of England, I don’t give a fuck if you’re the second coming of Jesus. I don’t give a fuck if you’re all the 8 Dragons of some Chinese pantheon.

(… I don’t really know anything about Chinese culture.)

Anyway yeah, this is one red line you’re going to have to fucking deal with.

Nazis & Other Fascists

When you make friends with the CIA, they destroy you.

Think, dumbass. What did they do to Bin Laden? Saddam Hussein?

What do you think they’re going to do to you?


Canada: We’re Defending The Nazis Now™️

I’m actually kind of happy because I really hate everything I’ve learned about this country over the last 15 years and I’d be perfectly happy it disgraced itself like this.

Fuck this place.

Product Reviews

Product Review: Host Defense Lion’s Mane Supplements

Skip it.

Long story short the only thing I felt was like I wasted $50.

It did not improve my memory.

It did not seem to support my nervous system in any tangible way.

It basically did nothing.