Social Commentary

Is Joey Diaz a changed man or is he just the same old piece of shit?

I mean a guy who’s dosed people with illegal drugs against their will, used whatever little power he was given to coerce women into performing oral sex on him, and a litany of other things – besides also having been to prison – what kind of vibes do you get from a guy like that?

He’s a changed man? Really?

Or would he just strike a contrite face when his livelihood’s on the line so he can go back to doing the same shit? (Is he Catholic? I’m not a psychic but I’m just saying if he turns out to be a practicing Catholic I’m going to be oh so shocked.)

Okay whatever, but once that trainwreck finally derails and implodes and even the people who think they’re on top bleed out, don’t expect me to be sympathetic or tell y’all to do anything other than go fuck yourselves.

I’m saying it now so you can reference it in due time when you’ve all finally ripened to fuck off.