May You All Rot In Hell

From the Islamic Republic to the American establishment, to the American people themselves, to the Israeli government: you are all fucking scum, you are all fucking liars, you are each other’s best friends, and I hope that there’s a hell for you all to rot in because that is where you all belong.

I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is a blessing from God sent to disrupt your plans and destroy your governments, and destroy you – and I hope it all comes to fruition. I hope a much more severe and deadly disease overtakes you all and puts you through the slow and gruellingly painful death you all deserve.

We all know that the Ukrainian International Airlines flight, PS752, was deliberately shot down by the Iranian government. We all know that on that flight a 1-year-old girl descended to her death with her parents.

And I know that the governments of these three countries and many of their people alike all look the other way – you all look the other way – in the face of this enormous and evil crime, one of many that means nothing to you.

So fuck all of you. Fuck you, fuck your gods, fuck your religion, and may you rot in hell.

To hell with all of you.

If it were in my power, I would take a butcher’s cleaver and hack every single one of you to pieces in front of your families to bring justice into this disgusting world that you’ve created. Whatever earthly calamity befalls you, my hopes and prayers are that there really might be an afterlife after all, where you can burn in a fire a hundred thousand times hotter than whatever hell has been imagined in the minds of men beyond the most grim fate this natural world could bring you.

May you all rot in hell

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