You have the right to free speech. Wait, no, not like that!

It is my opinion that the culling of the human race is a good idea, we were making a mess out of the planet anyway and the entire human race needs a hard reset, and that the novel coronavirus is just nature’s way of giving a nice snip to our bullshit. I don’t believe in the transdimensional Luciferian Reptilian aliens, but if they existed and wanted to kill of like 4/5ths of us, I would understand. I wish they really did exist so that they would reveal themselves to me so that I could help them in their quest because to be honest on some level I find most people insufferable and stupid, hypocritical, evil, etc.

I wish there was a happy way to create some kind of Disney ending for all of us, but there isn’t and so I’m not that bothered by any decimation of the population in service of a better tomorrow. I hope I survive it and if I don’t, I hope nobody else survives it.

And that’s me fully using my right to free speech and saying what’s really, actually on my mind.

Fuck you all.