This blog can be so whiny

I should write a post about my confessions about all the things that I did wrong in my life that I regret, or that I’m constantly beating myself up over.

Reading this site you might get the impression that I think of myself as being someone perfect who never did anything wrong. But I’m well aware of my mistakes.

When I have time I’ll update this post, I guess.

  • Okay so for example, when a close in-law in our family was struck with terminal cancer at the end of his life, I didn’t go visit him in the hospital and kept my distance. I shouldn’t have done that, I regret it to this day…
  • I ended up inadvertently experimenting with valerian root to help me with insomnia, looking for ways to put myself to sleep so I could wake up on time and get my life together, and I kind of ended up tripping on it instead and spent a sleep-deprived morning after recalling all the ways I was cringy and bratty when I was a kid; now, some of these were in fact my fault but most of them were just a function of being a child who didn’t know any better.

    Still, you know… it was solid proof that I’m not perfect, and it was amazing how much perspective it gave me over how I think about myself in my day-to-day life.