Humour Religion

Christianity vs. Christianity

Prime example:

Everybody loves Jesus until you tell them Jesus didn’t care if you were gay or if you were black, or poor, or a woman, or all of that.

Me, I’m just straight up: Christianity is bullshit and Jesus was probably not really the nice guy you think he was.

In fact he actually made people angry enough to want to kill him. Does that sound like an all-good person to you, who loves people in spite of their flaws and faults?

Edit: And would you really want to worship such a thing anyway? Doesn’t that say more about you, that you want to worship a guy who will forgive you no matter what shitty thing you do? Don’t you want him to point out your flaws instead, and tell you to aim for better?

I think my big fear is that the Christians who should be hearing what I’m saying are not, and the ones at whom this message isn’t directed towards would take a message like this as being pointed specifically at them.

I guess it might have to do with living in Canada; if I were in Iran I would be speaking out against Muslim hypocrisy.

Oh well. Time to do some laundry.