Social Commentary

Not All Hate Is Bad

After 9/11, I don’t recall Asian people opening their mouths to let a single word escape it about the discrimination middle easterners faced. I remember when that subhuman scumbag, George Bush, referred to Iran as being on the axis of evil, how difficult it was for me to just exist in Canada as an Iranian.

Not even in America. Canada!

Now, after the Canadian government sold out its own citizens to Chinese real estate speculators and money launderers who washed their fentanyl-dealing dirty money through the Canadian real estate market and drove housing prices past Mars, they want to talk to me about “Anti-Asian Racism.”

Listen carefully, you rice noodle eating, hoisin sauce huffing motherfuckers.

I don’t give a fuck about you.

You are actually cut from the same cloth as the racist white men who shoot you dead.

You don’t give a fuck about being Asian. You give a fuck about yourselves first, your families next – and the racial solidarity you show is just a bullshit performative shell of real anti-racist sentiment.

I don’t give a fuck about you.

When you see the threat looming on the horizon, then you’re all up in arms – much like the global world order that was so busy killing each other before a 200 nanometre virus showed up and royally fucked the whole world up its disgusting, filthy, disease-ridden asshole.

I sincerely hope a special variant of COVID evolves just to fuck you, before Toronto goes back to being the same shithole ethnic enclave walled garden garbage it was, because the truth is you people are nothing more than selfish and you never learn.

And you keep voting for shitty politicians that promise you things they can’t possibly deliver.

I actually started this post making a resolution to say what was on my mind in the nicest way possible – but it’s actually impossible to be nice when people are so selfish and so fucking stupid, and so fucking repulsive.

Fuck you people. Fuck you, and I pray every night that God reveals to me that there really is a hell for you to all burn in. You deserve it.