I used to hate Elon Musk

because he wanted to take all the awful people on this planet and spread them across the whole solar system, and then I guess eventually across the galaxy and the whole universe.

Can you imagine galaxy-wide religious missions, genocides, political wars, etc.?

But now I like him because he liquidated a bunch of jackasses who traded cryptocurrencies on insane margins and, apparently, actually lost all their life savings.

It’s like a perfect metaphor for twitter users who hang onto every tweet from the world’s richest man.

(I mean it’s analogous to a monkey sucking a digital dick, in case you missed it and I wasn’t explicit enough.)

And that’s just based as fuck.

It’s such a cliche though, everybody wants to play to win just so they can grandstand over everyone else and talk a whole lot of shit about how hard they are, but when they have to take a giant L suddenly it’s about mercy and doing the right thing, yada yada.

And I mean really, do you want to send this shit up to space? Jesus, dude.