Iran Mahsa Amini

Archive: Iranian Judiciary documents proving Mahsa Amini was beaten to death

This is an archived record, for safekeeping purposes, of leaked documents from the Iranian Judiciary obtained by Edalat-e-Ali proving that Mahsa Amini was viciously beaten and died from blunt force trauma to the head, as opposed to the lie perpetrated by the Islamic Republic regime murderers claiming she died of a heart attack.

This evidence proves that Ali Khamenei’s own physician ordered the nurses who performed the original autopsy to falsify the records so that it would appear that Mahsa Amini died from heart problems.

The coverup of Mahsa Amini’s death is thereby directly linked to Ali Khamenei, an Islamist terrorist who has personally overseen the murder of a woman.

Let the truth be shouted from the rooftops – ALL who collaborate with the Islamic Republic will be accessories to the crime of murder and will be brought to task.

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