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Further Proof that Jordan Peterson is Retarded

(And so is everybody who blindly follows him)

Looking at this video in the context of Khamenei just having overseen the killing of over 400 people and more than 50 children in Iran this is like proof positive that this hack has no clue what the fuck he’s talking about.

That guy’s been in power for FORTY THREE YEARS and he’s overseen the death of tens of thousands of people and even more who have been tortured. Goddamn JP fans are some of the most gullible morons on the planet.

Also as a total tangent and irrelevant sidenote, he sold out to Ben Shapiro, which I don’t begrudge because we all need money to survive this nightmare planet but the fact that he’s shilling for Shapiro is really just a testament to how weak he is.

Anyway the point is, if you’re one of those unthinking JP followers, fuck you.