Proof That I Don’t Hate The Jews

Several days, that’s very courageous of you Amazon; I dare say it might take you several decades to process a review like that.
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I guess I fucking love WAP now

If it pisses off Ben Shapiro I’m taking it as a divine sign for the existence of God


Alternatives to YouTube that aren’t shit

Are there any good alternatives to YouTube that are not censored, commercialized pieces of shit that also aren’t filled to the brim with inbred racists, wannabe nazis, and crusty neckbeards?

I’m fucking reaching out to the universe here, help a guy the fuck out.

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This is Why We Shouldn’t Let Women or White Men Run Society

>Imprisoning a man and taking him to court for trying to lay a girl and get her high

It’s a bad formula, folks.

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Donald Trump Was Right

About hydroxychloroquine.

And there really are a lot of people who hate him just for the sake of hating him, not because they’re actually any better than him.

But he still strikes me as the kind of guy that would rape a woman by abusing whatever position of power he landed in.

Know what I mean??

Hell, he’d probably even fuck another man if it came down to it.

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COVID-19 Revelations: Tinder is for hookers

Seriously though, this app is loaded with all sorts of prostitutes. And their pimps, I guess.

Here’s a more obvious example of what I mean.

Upon further investigation I discovered that Tinder and prostitutes are like this 🀞🏻