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Depression & Anxiety

I go to my doctor and she’s like have you been experiencing depressive or anxiety symptoms because I’ve had trouble with these my whole life.

And it’s like .. bitch, I come from Iran after the revolution do you doctors ever stop to think maybe my life circumstances has anything to do with the way I feel??

They teach you physics, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, but they don’t teach you history or what has happened or where people are coming from – all the things that make their minds into what they are. And you think a pill from a pharma rep is going to fix things, chemically forcing us to avoid our problems instead of confronting and resolving them.

When some IRGC commander’s son is living large because his father makes a living killing people and I have to make dinner on my own and organize to overthrow a government and run my business and attend to clients and look for a job and try to prevent my mom from dying because I don’t think innocent people should be murdered for no reason..

Like fuck, goddamn these doctors and these pharma companies, Jesus Fucking Christ.

And goddamn these social media companies and their fake “dedication” to making safe platforms I hope they all burn.

You make one mistake in this world and people are on you like a pack of fucking hyenas but if you try to live right nobody gives a single fuck.

I fucking hate people.

It’s a shame there’s no hell for people to burn in because most of them deserve it.

And the icing on the cake is there’s always some little evangelist shit to try to take your grief and use it to push Jesus on you.

Faggot, you are such fucking pieces of trash I’d kill Jesus twice and I’d kill you too for the sorry way you lead your lives.

What a colossal fucking disappointment this world is and what a colossal fucking disappointment these people are.


True fealty to Iran


You might think Iran’s problems aren’t your problems

But soon you will realize – I suppose later rather than sooner – that our problems will be your problems, too.




The Joke That Writes Itself

The Jews Americans Israelis English Shah did this.

– Ruhollah Khomeini

Wait, wait, I’ve got another one (don’t you even worry!) – one could even go so far as to say that the ’79 revolution went… viral!


Ali Khamenei Is A Child-Killing Heretic

And he should be put to death in order to do justice in the name of Allah.

The entire concept of Velayat-e-Faqih, or the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist has always been a Shiite heresy since the day it was invented by Khamenei’s predecessor, Khomeini.

There is no such thing as a genuine, believing orthodox Shia Muslim who adheres to this concept, it is neither Quranic nor is it a spiritually correct position to behold.

Anyone who believes in it is simply a heretic, full stop.

To you Iranians who disavow me – you are not my friends, nor do I like you, nor do I consider you Iranian, nor would I even remotely consider you anywhere close to being of my own flesh and blood, nor do I wish you a good fate.

And you might think that we who are not believers have nothing to say about this matter, but let me tell you “Conservative Iranians” this: when I and every other Iranian like me is dead, you’ll still be left with Khamenei and his cadre of fake Muslims.

And long after we’re all dead, you’ll still be left with their tyrannical dictatorship.

And I’m going to tell you, right now, why you will acquiesce once Khamenei comes after you to oppress you too, once he’s done with us: because fundamentally you are spineless – in fact you were never a Muslim no matter how many times you went on Hajj or turned your dirtied asses up to the skies to pray to Allah.

So if you think I’m not a real Iranian or not worth listening to because I don’t profess Islam, let me tell you something: fuck you.