Documentation of IRI Terrorism Iran

How Europe lets Iran and Russia get away with murder

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Iran Documentation of IRI Terrorism

10 IRI Assassination Attempts on British soil in 2022 (so far)

Iran Documentation of IRI Terrorism

Firas Al Najim: Basij-associate in Ontario, attempted to maim or kill anti-IR protestors with vehicle in the city of Markham

Yet another terrorist and terrorist apologist, apparently a manager with CD4HR – likely a front group for the Islamic Republic as a way to try to build a groundswell of support and slowly brainwash/radicalize Canadians into doing the bidding of the Islamic Republic.

Nobody shows up to a protest and attempts to ram a vehicle into protestors and then is found with an airsoft gun, a baton, and bear spray in his vehicle by accident.

These aren’t “human rights defenders” and if you think you are, you are an idiot.

This guy has been around for a long time and he’s exactly the type the terrorist regime in Iran wants running around doing their dirty work abroad.

It’s not defamation of character if the individual in question has no character

Lol, he is no joke a straight up follower of Ayatollah Khomeini.

And here he is calling for the death of “false Muslims” with the hashtag #margbarmonafiqeen.

The only people I know who aren’t IRI terrorists who support this behaviour are racist white people who are the same people who bitch at me about being a terrorist and then celebrate in glee when people like Firas call for my death.

But what do you expect? It’s one terrorist supporting another.

Firas, in case you read this: I don’t know if you’re just a nutbag or a hard-boiled terrorist, or if you’re as bad as Khomeini himself – what I would suggest is that if you’re looking to bring glory to your name and live a life worth living, try to find it in things that are actually glorious and not be an instrument for terrorists that have killed at least tens of thousands of innocent people over the course of these last 43 years, and who are connected with some of the most evil people on the planet.

This isn’t God that you’re following and if it really is, I spit on that god’s face.

Iran Documentation of IRI Terrorism

Assassination of Saman Vakili in San Diego

For everyone that says that Iranians living in the diaspora are spoiled and out of touch, here you go. The Islamic Republic stops its terrorist actions at no border and has mercy on no one.

And western governments often work with them because, in fact, the Islamic Republic is Israel and America’s best friends at manipulating and keeping the people of Iran from developing their nation.

Iran Documentation of IRI Terrorism

Assassination plot against Itzik Moshe in Georgia

I don’t know if this is the best example, since the Israeli state also engages in acts that could qualify as terrorism; but still, I guess it should go here in the records for anyone curious.


When it dawns on you

That the Americans are representing Iranian interests in Iran during these nuclear negotiations and the regime is not.

America………. thank you???? ?


Archived: Regime Apologist, Mohammad Marandi

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Twitter banned me for calling for the death of a known murderer

Ali Khamenei has overseen the death of tens of thousands of people, and in these recent days more than 30 children.

But that’s not a problem for Twitter.

The problem is people like me, who are calling for people like that to be killed.

And then after I appealed the tweet today:

And you know what? Death to Khamenei, death to Twitter too. Whoever was administering the site on the 25th, whoever is responsible for denying the appeal: you can burn in hell next to Khamenei too.

And for those of you who have nothing more to offer than insincere words of encouragement, you can burn in hell next to both of them. Fuck you too.

Iran Mahsa Amini

Archive: Iranian Judiciary documents proving Mahsa Amini was beaten to death

This is an archived record, for safekeeping purposes, of leaked documents from the Iranian Judiciary obtained by Edalat-e-Ali proving that Mahsa Amini was viciously beaten and died from blunt force trauma to the head, as opposed to the lie perpetrated by the Islamic Republic regime murderers claiming she died of a heart attack.

This evidence proves that Ali Khamenei’s own physician ordered the nurses who performed the original autopsy to falsify the records so that it would appear that Mahsa Amini died from heart problems.

The coverup of Mahsa Amini’s death is thereby directly linked to Ali Khamenei, an Islamist terrorist who has personally overseen the murder of a woman.

Let the truth be shouted from the rooftops – ALL who collaborate with the Islamic Republic will be accessories to the crime of murder and will be brought to task.

Reference tweets and screenshots:

Humour Iran

What Iranians Really Are

Can we all agree that Iranian identity itself is literally an invention by the devil designed to prevent Mohammad (SAW) and his successors from rightfully conquering all of the middle east to unite the Ummah and go forth and boldly .. you know, do awful muslim shit where no man has done awful muslim shit before..