Where Did Our Favourite Space Marine Go?

What happened to Faith Goldy?

Has she died? Did she recede into the background to resume her ten-on-one gangbang by her racist entourage?

Or, this entire time, was she a figment of my disturbed imagination? Did I single-handedly manifest her retarded existence into reality with my absurd first-gen immigrant powers?

Bring her back, I enjoyed the drama. Where the fuck is a Koch brother or Mercer resurrection when you need one??

Memories Social Commentary

People of European descent can be really shitty

I remember in middle school one of my closest friends would throw out the n-word casually; he’d use it as a jocular insult against me when I did something that wasn’t perfect or made a mistake somewhere.

At that time I was too young and too stupid to realize how awful it really was, I just joked around with him.

We’d throw around words like gay, faggot, homo, the n-word, on and on without care – I could say “well, that was the 90’s for ya” or the early 2000’s; it was none of those things.

It was just white people being the shitty, useless scumbag racists they really are.

And, yeah, he was a Christian. Not really a big surprise. But I’m sure we can split hairs about whether or not he was a “real” Christian.

The really bizarre part about it all was that of all of my friends he was the one who was into rap music and everything to do with black culture the most..

And you know I really do think it’s just such a shame, that so many people of European descent can be gifted with what would be an otherwise beautiful phenotype and then use it to be such abject cunts.

It’s weird how people who could look so nice on the outside would be so gross on the inside. But then again, I guess when you’re dipped past your toes in the dye you absorb a lot of garbage attitudes without any real awareness.

Such a shame.