2nd-Rate Wannabes

Why do people even like Jordan Peterson?

I mean he’s clearly a moron.

Language, Herr Professor!

But also, at least equally as important, why is it that the vast majority of the people who don’t like him are white people with a minimum of seven piercings on their face and dreadlocks in their hair, or who dress (or smell like) hippies, or his most vocal critics who actually have valid points come out as trans typically some six or so months after you start following them?

Why can’t we just have a throng of normal people say that Jordan Peterson is, often, just full of shit? Is it really so fucking hard?

Christ on a bagel.

Nazis & Other Fascists

When you make friends with the CIA, they destroy you.

Think, dumbass. What did they do to Bin Laden? Saddam Hussein?

What do you think they’re going to do to you?

Nazis & Other Fascists

Hitler was on meth

Here’s a video of Hitler exhibiting choreiform movement disorder from chronic amphetamine use.

In case you are stupid this is not an endorsement; he probably didn’t have as great a time as it looks

As far as I can gather his advisors basically doped him up in order for him to perform as the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany.

You know what’s crazy though? ISIS soldiers were also given stimulants – Captagon specifically, or maybe more like street formulations of adulterated Captagon – which is fenethylline, combining the effects of amphetamine and theophylline, the latter of which is a xanthine class alkaloid found in tea and cocoa.

Makes you wonder about a lot of things. The “psychopharmacology” of the third Reich, how these substances affect consciousness, what it does to people.

Absolutely unreal to just watch it in action, how entire periods of human history are, or must be, shaped by different compounds.

It’s hard to make lucid observations on things that are this complex.

Nazis & Other Fascists

>When you’re just a lazy low-life with a victim mentality and need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps

You know I’m right Paul.

Nazis & Other Fascists

Jordan Peterson is a Nazi

(But that depends on what you mean by Nazi)

If you don’t get it by now, you’re part of the problem.

And what good is an all-meat diet if all you do is regurgitate word salads?

Nazis & Other Fascists

Jordan Peterson is just a cunt

And I’m not saying he should die, I’m just saying he’s full of shit and the people who take him seriously are full of shit too.

I mean like that whole benzo diatribe was terrible and I didn’t see how it was really deserved, and it’s nice to see him doing well – he is a human being after all – but having said all that it doesn’t mean that he’s not kind of a piece of shit.

And I’m not walking these words back, so fuck you.