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Why Cops Are Garbage

And in fact, why Canadian society as a whole is just a big fucking joke

Alright so I’m driving to the store to pick up some groceries and at the parking lot, this guy on the other side of the lane swerves right in front of me to get to a parking spot in between us without signaling.

And I had no intention of taking his spot or anything, there were plenty of empty parking spots up ahead closer to the store’s entrance.

But he didn’t signal, and I threw up my hands in exasperation as if to say “oh come on.”

And then he started gesticulating at me as though he was innocent and hadn’t done anything wrong.

So I’m mouthing at him “What do you mean what? Can you at least fucking signal?”

And you know isn’t that just the way it goes? It’s always some rat in a luxury car being a cunt flouting the most basic rules, carrying themselves around town – or across the globe, really – as though they’re entitled to being useless little pieces of shit while, I guess, those of us who actually give a fuck about the laws are left behind.

If the cops can’t enforce basic road safety rules in people’s day to day life, what hope in hell are they going to have when Satan himself decides to light their entire country on fire?

And I know some of you morons think this is trivial, that it’s just something small that I should just “let go” of.

And of course you’re stupid because you don’t understand that this tiny thing is perfectly emblematic of all the other larger problems anyone with two brain cells to rub together could clearly see.

But you know: garbage in, garbage out. Go live in your walled gardens and when the fire does break out, when there’s an organic nano-sized virus royally fucking you, when your kids are killing each other because you couldn’t teach them manners, or whatever it may be – I won’t be so much as taking a fucking piss on you people to put you out when you catch the hellfire.

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White terrorists!

Racism totally isn’t a problem, except these racist white terrorist attacks that are killing civilians.

I’d like to ask all the moderate white people who aren’t racist terrorists to denounce the outright murder and terror perpetrated against non-whites and other people perceived as non-white.

We’re doing so much to tolerate your barbaric cultural practices, like eating pork and being drunk 24/7, being deadbeat parents, or just generally being spiritually dead on the inside, etc. but killing innocent families is just going too far.

Stephen Harper I’m looking at you.

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Two years old but makes more sense every time you watch it.

I’m beginning to think that there’s actually probably a very good reason that I feel a visceral sense of hatred and disgust when I think about Peterson, because I’m pretty sure even on an emotional and unconscious level my body understands that his ideas are insanely retrograde and just phenomenally stupid.

He really had me thinking that maybe I had it wrong all this time… but, no… I think he really was actually that stupid the entire time.

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Snow in Mid-April


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