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Why even be upset

Ben & Jerry’s makes terrible ice cream why would you even care

Social Commentary Why This Planet Should Just Burn

Psychiatrists are fucking morons and they deserve to be lined up against a wall and shot

Why are psychiatrists completely garbage human beings? Are they even human beings?

Should they all be lined up against a wall and repeatedly shot?

I tried praying to Jesus about this but as usual he didn’t say shit.

She had tasted alcohol in the past…

She had also used marijuana a half-dozen times.

During the clinical interview, she was dressed in Goth attire, including a black T-shirt with images of letters dripping blood; she had dyed black hair.


Who the fuck looks at a girl who’s clearly been abused and is depressed and concludes that she must have schizophrenia?

A useless fucking psychiatrist, that’s who!

If there’s a crowd of people who are trying to clear the bar for meeting the definition of subhuman, these guys are giving it the whole fucking college try.

How the fuck are you walking septic tanks going to diagnose people with their mental health troubles if you are yourselves hallucinating over which conditions people are suffering from?

Listen carefully: if you don’t know how to wield the sword you’ve been entrusted with to protect the mental health of the people around you, you also shouldn’t be surprised if one day you find yourself impaled on it.

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Is it antisemitic

to call Ben Shapiro a racist?

Because he is.

This is what a Jewish racist looks like.

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When you run a country like it’s a popularity contest, you pay a much higher price than if you run it like a real civil servant.

People hating you is not the metric by which any nation is made prosperous.

(Especially when those people are a bunch of entitled, whiny fucks.)

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“The Pandemic Changed Everything”

Because you were so optimistic and a big believer in society in the time of geopolitical power grabs for hegemonic world orders of one sort or another, bloodthirsty wars that sent the young to their deaths to prop up billionaires, international terrorism, mass shootings, and the everyday shit regular people ate beating each other over the head with a million petty abuses?

And now here’s the King of Half the World on your television monitor to tell you that “the pandemic truly changed everything!” with great gusto, in 4K resolution in surround sound… with cutaways to platoons of trumpeters sounding their horns.

And now you can live out your shitty Mad Max fantasy.

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Not All Hate Is Bad

After 9/11, I don’t recall Asian people opening their mouths to let a single word escape it about the discrimination middle easterners faced. I remember when that subhuman scumbag, George Bush, referred to Iran as being on the axis of evil, how difficult it was for me to just exist in Canada as an Iranian.

Not even in America. Canada!

Now, after the Canadian government sold out its own citizens to Chinese real estate speculators and money launderers who washed their fentanyl-dealing dirty money through the Canadian real estate market and drove housing prices past Mars, they want to talk to me about “Anti-Asian Racism.”

Listen carefully, you rice noodle eating, hoisin sauce huffing motherfuckers.

I don’t give a fuck about you.

You are actually cut from the same cloth as the racist white men who shoot you dead.

You don’t give a fuck about being Asian. You give a fuck about yourselves first, your families next – and the racial solidarity you show is just a bullshit performative shell of real anti-racist sentiment.

I don’t give a fuck about you.

When you see the threat looming on the horizon, then you’re all up in arms – much like the global world order that was so busy killing each other before a 200 nanometre virus showed up and royally fucked the whole world up its disgusting, filthy, disease-ridden asshole.

I sincerely hope a special variant of COVID evolves just to fuck you, before Toronto goes back to being the same shithole ethnic enclave walled garden garbage it was, because the truth is you people are nothing more than selfish and you never learn.

And you keep voting for shitty politicians that promise you things they can’t possibly deliver.

I actually started this post making a resolution to say what was on my mind in the nicest way possible – but it’s actually impossible to be nice when people are so selfish and so fucking stupid, and so fucking repulsive.

Fuck you people. Fuck you, and I pray every night that God reveals to me that there really is a hell for you to all burn in. You deserve it.

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Are Jewish People Racist?

More importantly, will my contemplating this question make white supremacists love Jews?

Here’s what’s making me ask that question today.

Update: after mulling it over, I’ve come to the conclusion that some Jewish people can in fact be racist, and that Jewish identity of any form (religious, cultural, ethnic) is not a magic barrier that will render it impossible for you to be an idiot racist.

Yahweh is most certainly not striking people with antiracist lightning once they start eating matzoh and lighting menorahs.

Which is all the more reason Judaism is a false religion because think about how fucking rad it would be if he did.

Guy has like zero PR or sense of style.

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Now that’s crazy.

The most ironic thing about this world is that you can be put into a psychiatric ward but it will never, ever compare to the everyday psychopathology you will encounter in the real world.

Neither in scope, nor breadth, nor the sheer derangement.

Sane people are an endangered species?

Tiny example: did you know that in China, Mao Zedong is still printed on the money? And people know that he’s responsible for 60-70 million deaths?

They just take it for granted. “Eh, these things happen.

People are genuinely awful. Fuck Alex Jones – the reptilian aliens are the chosen race. May God hasten the arrival of their armada of alien ships armed with death-ray cannons, ready to fire.


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YouTube / Google / Alphabet Inc. “No, really, we’re not mentally retarded”

>That moment when the Nazis aren’t sure if they should back me or hate me.

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Brandon Tatum is a bootlicker.

Or maybe I should say a former officer turned bootlicker? I’m not good with details, sorry.

His entire life and livelihood are centered on basically shilling for racists.

Probably because if he tried to live an honest life in America, he’d get shot.

He’s literally got an entire page dedicated to all the logical fallacies he’s made so far.

Although it’s pretty funny how he’s grifting MAGAtards for their money.
Good work Officer.