Evil things the elites have done so far

(Besides 9/11)

If you think these are conspiracies you are a fucking retard and I hope you, like, die or something.

No, seriously, I hope and pray that I find out that hell is a real place and that you’re going to go burn there.

(This list is far, far, very far from being comprehensive)

  • Criminalized Edward Snowden for telling the truth about unconstitutional mass surveillance.
  • Murdered Jeffrey Epstein because he knew too much, about who was fucking which kids.
  • Murdered John McAfee.
  • Murdered Daphne Caruana Galizia with a terrorist car bomb attack for her journalistic work on the Panama Papers tax evasion scheme.
  • Murdered billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife and Honey Sherman (murdering their own??) for, probably, their incredibly lucrative generic pharmaceutical empire.

  • Oh yeah! Remember that time they killed Gary Webb when he exposed the CIA for trafficking drugs in order to finance terrorists to overthrow the Nicaraguan government? Remember when the CIA used military airplanes to fly cocaine into the USA?
See, they won’t hesitate to kill you – even if you’re fucking whiter than sour cream! Extraordinary.

  • Remember that time the CIA financed the destabilization of the Soviet Union by bankrolling the Mujahidin of Afghanistan (and they recruited and trained Osama Bin Laden as their hero in Afghanistan), and the way that they did it is by selling Afghan hashish to Americans?

    Did y’all enjoy getting blazed?
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How the fuck I’m still alive after writing about all these things that people just want to memoryhole into the abyss is something I wake up every day not understanding.

Well no, I do understand perfectly fine why. I’m still far too small a fish to kill, and people don’t listen to what I say anyway.

If any of you psychopaths are reading this though, be warned – I will absolutely not hesitate to kill you given the earliest opportunity. I fucking love butchering bad guys, you really have no idea.

And, really, who the fuck knows what else they’ve done.