Yeah whatever.

So I was in this gaming chat the other day and these American kids were just shit talking and having banter like usual, and I decided to fuck around a little bit until their leader piped up when I made a joke about Israel not being a real country.

Just a few minutes earlier we were all basically talking shit about gay people and black people.

It’s cool to talk shit about gays and blacks, but don’t bring up Israel, that one’s touchy.

Seriously though it’s not a real country.


To Satan’s Glory

Previous research, which examined the electronic health records of 236,379 patients, had found that one in three COVID-19 survivors were diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition within six months of infection, with anxiety and mood disorders being the most common.

Ave Satanas!

If you’re wondering why I’m praising Satan for the detrimental effects of COVID-19, I’ll try to be as terse as I can:

  • People are shit
  • They are hypocrites and fucking swine
  • This is actually how much they piss me off sometimes
  • I’m glad they’re dying
  • The planet would be more habitable with just one or two billion people and we’d all be better off for it.
  • People put on appearances of being nicer than they are, and I genuinely think that’s insincere and horrible behaviour; it’s better to be honest with people and tell them how you really feel.


I fucking hate Facebook

And most of these other social media sites.

Why do they always insist on shoving “new features” down your throat that you never asked for?

No, I don’t want my goddamned videos to autoplay and for you to crank up the volume on some trite trash some idiot posted somewhere.

I don’t want to have to spend 20 minutes navigating a labyrinth of settings to figure out where the fuck I can finally turn this stupid shit off.

Absolute fucking parasite company.


Proof That I Don’t Hate The Jews

Several days, that’s very courageous of you Amazon; I dare say it might take you several decades to process a review like that.
Religion Humour

Is Jesus Real™

Is Christianity true? Is Jesus the Christ and God incarnate, made flesh to pay for our sins?

Idunno maybe, it could be.

Should we look the other way when churches burn women as witches, molest children, perpetrate genocides, encourage ignorance, deny people working science-based treatments for their maladies, rack up obscene riches while leaving the poor destitute, and weave themselves into corrupt politicians and the merchant class?



It be like that tho

Old but gold
Humour Social Commentary

Why even be upset

Ben & Jerry’s makes terrible ice cream why would you even care


That time when YouTube basically advertised porn at me

It’s really important that the advertiser put the arrow in there, otherwise who could miss it


Iranians from the homeland b like

I’m so Muslim I joined a cult led by a child-murdering heresiarch, peep dis

– Iranians Circa 2021