The Joke that Writes Itself, Part DEUX

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this.

It sort of looked and felt something like this.

Gonna go out for a jog today and hope I don’t get murdered by our shared Judeo-Christian heritage

North Strong & Free

White terrorists!

Racism totally isn’t a problem, except these racist white terrorist attacks that are killing civilians.

I’d like to ask all the moderate white people who aren’t racist terrorists to denounce the outright murder and terror perpetrated against non-whites and other people perceived as non-white.

We’re doing so much to tolerate your barbaric cultural practices, like eating pork and being drunk 24/7, being deadbeat parents, or just generally being spiritually dead on the inside, etc. but killing innocent families is just going too far.

Stephen Harper I’m looking at you.


Is it anti-semitic to hate a racist person if they happen to be Jewish?

I mean if the Jewish person in question happens to be an absolute fucking toad, does that mean I hate all Jewish people?

You tell me, Jews.


If you don’t think this is funny, go fuck your mother


Haha, Babylonian Talmud

Lol. Okay so apparently in the Babylonian Talmud it’s written that Jesus actually had a father, who was Tiberius Julius Pantera of the Roman Empire.

I knew that there was this assertion that his father was a Roman soldier, but I did not know they even had a name of the guy.

Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera (/pænˈtɛrə/; c. 22 BC – AD 40) was a Roman soldier whose tombstone was found in BingerbrückGermany, in 1859. A historical connection from this soldier to Jesus has long been hypothesized by numerous scholars, based on the claim of the ancient Greek philosopher Celsus, who, according to Christian writer Origen in his “Against Celsus” (Greek Κατὰ Κέλσου, Kata KelsouLatin Contra Celsum), was the author of a work entitled The True Word (Greek Λόγος Ἀληθής, Logos Alēthēs).

Celsus’ work was lost, but in Origen’s account of it Jesus was depicted as the result of an affair between his mother Mary and a Roman soldier. He said she was “convicted of adultery and had a child by a certain soldier named Pantera”.[1] According to James Tabor, Tiberius Pantera could have been serving in the region at the time of Jesus’s conception.[1] Both the ancient Talmud and medieval Jewish writings and sayings reinforced this notion, referring to “Yeshu ben Pantera”, which translates as “Jesus, son of Pantera”. Tabor’s hypothesis is considered highly unlikely by mainstream scholars given that there is little other evidence to support Pantera’s paternity outside of the Greek and Jewish texts.[2][3]

– I mean yeah it’s Wikipedia but honestly at this point whatever

It’s always interesting seeing people make claims and counterclaims to divinity or whatnot and watching how they play out.

Who knows what the real story is? Just assertions and conjectures as far as I can tell.


I used to hate Elon Musk

because he wanted to take all the awful people on this planet and spread them across the whole solar system, and then I guess eventually across the galaxy and the whole universe.

Can you imagine galaxy-wide religious missions, genocides, political wars, etc.?

But now I like him because he liquidated a bunch of jackasses who traded cryptocurrencies on insane margins and, apparently, actually lost all their life savings.

It’s like a perfect metaphor for twitter users who hang onto every tweet from the world’s richest man.

And that’s just based as fuck.

It’s such a cliche though, everybody wants to play to win just so they can grandstand over everyone else and talk a whole lot of shit about how hard they are, but when they have to take a giant L suddenly it’s about mercy and doing the right thing, yada yada.

And I mean really, do you want to send this shit up to space? Jesus, dude.

Nazis & Other Fascists

>When you’re just a lazy low-life with a victim mentality and need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps

You know I’m right Paul.


Where Did Our Favourite Space Marine Go?

What happened to Faith Goldy?

Has she died? Did she recede into the background to resume her ten-on-one gangbang by her racist entourage?

Or, this entire time, was she a figment of my disturbed imagination? Did I single-handedly manifest her retarded existence into reality with my absurd first-gen immigrant powers?

Bring her back, I enjoyed the drama. Where the fuck is a Koch brother or Mercer resurrection when you need one??