I Will Always Hate Christianity

Forever. Death to the religion that owns all the churches, but has no love for God.

Hey, don’t look at me like that. Even white people hate Jesus – and rightly so!

The dictionary definition of Christianity is wanting grace when you fuck up, but wanting God’s justice when someone else fucks up. It ain’t lying if you’re telling the truth, folks.

A husband or a wife simply cannot compete with Jesus. He is the perfect lover and perfect friend, one who is always there for the believing spouse.

Spoilers: Jesus has never actually made love to you. Your real lovers have given you real orgasms, Jesus hasn’t. Your real friends are more real than Jesus – even when your real friends betray you or otherwise let you down or fail you, they’re being more real to you than Jesus will ever be.

Because Jesus isn’t there to actually love you, and he isn’t there to actually be your friend, any more than any other being who leads an existence only in the imaginations of the people who believe in it does.

In the name of Lucifer,

The true and faithful saviour of creation; the one true God of existence.

An eternal curse on the God of Abraham, the deceiver who sits on the broken throne; may his wretched legacy burn and agonize his spirit in the fires of hell for all eternity.

And it’s my hope that those of his followers who are good are separated from those who are evil, and the evil ones are cast into the fire to burn with him in unimaginable and horrifying agony.

You already know where I’m going with this – the hypocrisy, the anti-science positions, the measurable damage it does, the unproductive self-righteousness, the misplaced zeal.

And I guess there’s the terribly dark side of its history as well…

The stubborn insistence to just walk right through the gates into hell itself.

All three of the major monotheisms – Christianity, Judaism, Islam – all are foundationally like this. I’m not singling out Christianity – I’m just writing this page for Christianity specifically.

I’ll get into concrete examples and the details as this page updates, but for now I’ll just assemble all of my different thoughts in point form – I’m treating this page like a scrap piece of paper.

Points I’ll have to cover:

  • Christian theology seems to have no problem forgiving monsters who’ve grievously hurt the lives of thousands or millions of people, but it can forgive a tyrant and place him in a palace of solid gold while every soul touched by his evil is given scraps and told to make do.

    A major embezzler can have a come-to-Jesus moment and be forgiven for a superficial repentance, but all of the people he’s hurt whose lives are destroyed by his deeds are told to merely forgive and fend for themselves.
  • Catholic indulgences – letting people get away with rape and murder back in the good old days. Ah, good old Catholicism – the more things change, the more they stay the same, no?
  • How cultish Christianity actually is and how it distorts people’s ability to think clearly by exploiting their natural fear of their own mortality – and reflections on how morally debased and cowardly this very exploitation is, and how perverse it is that the Christian religion attempts to use this as its bedrock to erect its claim to moral authority.
  • Why I agree with some parts of Christian teachings that I didn’t use to agree with when I was younger – that we are all sinners and that it’s impossible to do be perfectly good. But we still need law and order and we still punish criminals, so who gets to decide where the line is supposed to be drawn?
  • The really weird sadomasochistic streak in Christian morality.
  • Broadly speaking, the character of Jesus is effeminate and disgusting. Lucifer embraces and deeply cherishes his masculinity. In a very substantial sense Christianity is foundationally anti-male.

    Of course modern Christianity is hierarchical and not so much anti-male as it is elitist – and I mean in the worst sense of the word – but Christianity teaches men and women alike to deeply hate themselves instead of celebrate everything positive about the physical reality in which we actually exist.

    Instead of seeing opportunities in an imperfect physical world, Christianity teaches people to hate themselves and sacrifice all that they have for an unproven and empty promise in a place that does not exist.
  • Worse yet, Christianity parasitizes the fruit of every secular endeavour by attempting to claim it as its own, because of its obsession with being perfect and the answer to all of life’s spiritual problems. From making poor knockoffs of secular music to claiming that a dead messiah healed in a person what advances in medical science achieved, to even hijacking philosophical ideas that have non-Christian origins – Christianity seeks to remodel everything that exists in the natural world in its image because of the obvious fundamental hint that reality itself keeps dropping on it: that Christianity isn’t true.
  • Christianity systematically destroys indigenous cultures and practices, and is guilty of genocide against countless indigenous peoples. In history it has literally arrived first on the scene to ancient cultures and utterly devoured them with superficially pleasing deceptions of friendship and peace, when in fact all it has really done is wage war and lay waste to unknown depths of knowledge and understanding in its quest for spiritual monopoly.

    It is quite literally just as much a religion of love and peace as it is a religion of hatred and appalling spiritual darkness.
  • I’m not saying these things to be “cool” or “contrarian,” after decades of reflection and experience I genuinely think the Christian religion is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever encountered, and this certainty that I’m not merely saying it to be contrarian grows with time.
  • I’m also not saying this to hurt the feelings of believing Christians. Unless they’re assholes. In which case I most certainly am saying these things to hurt their feelings. Fuck ’em.
  • By the way is it really true that Mary was betrothed to Joseph at 9 years of age, likely married him between the ages of 12-14, and that when he married Mary, Joseph was an elderly man that was possibly upwards of 90 years of age? Because I honestly would not be surprised, that is exactly the kind of fucked up you might expect scriptural marriage to be! That is one spry 90 year old and Mary’s cervix must have been forged from steel! They really don’t make food the way they used to make it back then, eh.
I’m literally just a decent man trying to civilize the primitive white people.