About Me

I’m a little bit nuts but in my defense the world is kinda nuts too.

Stuck in a world surrounded by useless assholes who prefer bread and circuses to real liberty.

Welcome to the Most Loving™ corner of the internet.

My name is Barzin Lotfabadi – a guy who has been known to regularly eat while on voice chat or in video conferencing.

If you came here from LinkedIn or you’re googling me to find out what I might be like in a professional capacity, you’re doing it wrong.

Stop, and pour yourself a nice cup of tea or make a nice cocktail, or whatever you do to relax instead. This website is just a personal blog and a place for me to pour out my thoughts.

A lot of the time I’ll get political, a lot of the time you’ll see me post things that were written in terrible moods or after something really upset me. Maybe one day I’ll decide this isn’t a smart thing to do, but I guess I just like being open with the world.

I swear in it, I speak freely, I don’t pretend to be something I’m not or maintain the image of a public persona that isn’t really me. Sometimes it gets cringy, sometimes it gets weird. Sometimes it’s actually on point.

Or at least I try to.

My interests and passions are the cross-section of technology and healthcare, spiritual living, and helping people to the best of my ability to live the happiest and most integrated lives they can.

I’m an enthusiast of the Oxford comma and I also like to pronounce gif like Jiff, like the peanut butter. Yes, that’s right, I am a full-blown Luciferian. Hail to the Lightbringer!