Waste your money consciously

Why give your money to con artists when you can just donate it to me instead?

We all know that Donald Trump is a billionaire despite being a giant man-child.

Recently I learned about why Brian Rose is really fucking up these days, bringing on this guy who was claiming to make everybody millionaires if they only gave him, I think $2,500 US dollars to reveal which 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in? Right around the bend of when the stimulus cheques were being written to Americans.

So at this point I’m suspecting his sleazy fraudulence probably reaches Clinton levels of depravity.

And I have a problem with this, because there’s people out there funding this kind of behaviour. Stupid people, such as – potentially – the people who might be reading this blog post.

I’d like to make a very serious business proposition for you people.

Instead of helping some a-hole, help me instead. Trust me you could do worse.

Instead of wasting your money on [explanation of Brian Rose’s schemes with Teeka and his bogus fundraiser] or [explanation of how Trump has defrauded so many people and become a billionaire and then become a President] – I’d like to invite you dumbasses both in America and across the globe to throw your money at me instead.

I won’t lie to you. I don’t know who you are and I largely don’t care. I care about people in the general sense and I try to be nice to everybody I meet, and I don’t mean you any special malice because I don’t even know if you might in fact be a loathsome person or not.

Which is why I think you should just throw your money at me instead.

Think about it.

So in that vein I’d like to invite you all to contact me – leave a comment on this blog post and just send me free money. I promise you it will pay off better dividends than attending Trump University or buying Trump Steaks, or investing your money into Teeka’s cryptocurrency picks which I’m assuming haven’t done well because… as far as I looked into it, it was just a giant pump-and-dump scheme.